About Eldercare Consulting, LLC

Eldercare Consulting started in 2006 when Patricia's aging mother decided to move to Seattle. Out of that seemingly simple need grew the realization that there were countless challenges to be faced. Where would she live? How would we decide? What were the costs? Did she need caregivers? How could we find the right doctors, lawyers and other service providers?

Not able to find someone to assist with these questions, Patricia began the arduous process that so many families embark on alone. There had to be a simpler way!!! From that need Eldercare Consulting was born. Doing extensive research, connecting with the best professionals in the industry and building a network of trusted vendors, Eldercare Consulting opened in 2010.

Assisting families nationwide through the maze of details and information, Eldercare provides the answers to keep loved ones safe, happy and healthy. We carefully listen to family members during a free one-hour consultation to clearly identify the challenges that they currently face. Together we develop a plan that works for everyone and then start solving each challenge. Through regular communication and reassessment, we are able to easily adapt to changing needs to build an environment of reduced stress and worry for all.


About Patricia Throop, Geriatric Care Manager

Patricia's first job at the age of 15 was working at a nursing home teaching craft projects to the residents. There, she learned that as we age, our needs change: safety, happiness and health are paramount. Carrying this belief through to the present day, Patricia took advantage of the 2008 recession and left her role as Vice President at the American Lung Association to follow her passion of becoming a Geriatric Care Manager working with families and older adults.

Today she is the proud owner of Eldercare Consulting, LLC,  working with families from all across the nation who face a wide variety of challenges. Patricia stays active in her community sitting on several Boards, volunteering for many causes and enjoying quality time with her wife, friends and their 2 cats.



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I just didn't want to have to worry about my mother-in-law's safety and well being any more. Eldercare Consulting provided the help I needed so she could age in place safely. - Angela B.